Margaret Fletcher
Dance Studio
507 Contentnea Avenue
New Bern, NC  28560
(252) 626-1837

Preschool Dance

In preschool dance, we engage the mind and the body and always remember the spirit of the child. Some things are worth learning at this age and some things are not worth learning at this age.

                  Worth Learning

1.  Dance is exciting! It is fun to have happy
2.  Increased range of motion.
3.  Phrasing, before a child stays on the beat
     he stays within a phrase of music.  
4.  Simple footwork done in one spot or
      traveling across the room.
5.  Increased span of concentration, this takes
     skill, patience and persistence on the part
     of the teacher. It is far easier to entertain
     a child than to teach him.

 Not Worth Learning
1.  Technique, learning technique is an
     extremely negative process.  Preschool dancers do not

     understand why they are being criticized. It just hurts their

2.  Choreography, a few preschool dancers can  memorize an

     8 step routine but for most preschool dancers, it is so
     tedious that it shrinks the spirit. It just isn't worth it.

Technique and choreography are the essence of any dance class for an older child.  A good preschool dance class facilitates this.

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